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Continuing professional development (CPD) is essential for all health and social care professionals. It is also beneficial for organisations. Evidence shows that when there is significant investment in CPD, individuals feel valued and their practice improves. 
In order to maximise the potential of your CPD, this practical handbook guides you through the five TRAMm stages, which are depicted as stations: Tell (T), Record (R), Activity (A), Monitor (M) and measure (m). The tried-and-tested TRAMm model reflects the five standards for CPD laid down by the Health and Care Professions Council; and your own learning needs provide the main focus, enabling you to develop a full CPD portfolio as you progress. At the end of each chapter, there are opportunities to reflect on your learning – and apply theory to practice through a series of tasks.
Designed for all levels (from health and social care students to experienced practitioners), this book may also be useful for associated support workers and other healthcare professionals, including doctors, pharmacists, optometrists, nurses and midwives. In addition, some aspects will be relevant for professionals outside healthcare, such as teachers, surveyors and engineers. Above all, this book demonstrates that CPD is closely linked to professional and personal success and well-being, and we should all see it as an essential part of our working lives. 
Contents include:

  • Preface
  • What is continuing professional development (CPD) and why do we do it?
  • Engaging in CPD and developing your learning style
  • Introduction to the TRAMm model
  • How do you plan and disseminate your CPD? TRAMm Station T: TELL
  • How do you record your CPD plans and activities? TRAMm Station R: RECORD
  • What counts as CPD? TRAMm Station A: ACTIVITY
  • How do you keep track of your CPD? TRAMm Station M: MONITOR
  • How do you measure your CPD? TRAMm Station m: mEASURE

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The TRAMm Model for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) 

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Reviewers comments:

'Very much like the strategic approach to the model'

'The chapters build on each other but could be dipped into independently depending on the readers needs'

'Given that professionals often require encouragement to pause and reflect, this model is significant as it provides a structure and strategy for a progressive framework' 

'...there are limited publications in relation to CPD 'how to' which makes this book unique and useful'

' ...the book is detailed and easy to read'

​'The vignettes are particularly useful and will allow practitioners to associate with the different characters. The continuous re-introduction and follow through of characters throughout the chapters is easy to follow and makes for interesting reading, following their respective stories'

'... easy to follow, embedded and applied to practice, provides a model which is easy to follow and aimed at all levels from student to experienced professional to guide CPD'.​​

​'... nurses could use the TRAMm Model to help them engage with revalidation because it enables them to focus on improving their practice and advancing their career'.